Considerable Experience

Teamsters has experience of more than 23 years in logistics. Offering our customers the confidence that we'll transport their goods safely and on time.
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Safety & Security

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The highest level of security underpins each facet of our business.

Satellite Vehicle Tracking

The Teamsters fleet is equipped with the "Supatrak" Satellite Vehicle Tracking System that reports our vehicles' locations every 60 seconds whilst in transit, meaning that goods are monitored at all times, and arrive at their destination safely and punctually.

Electrified Fencing Perimeter

On site an electrified perimeter fencing protection system together with security barriers provides essential security for our premises.

Closed Circuit TV

A closed-circuit TV system supports our vigilant daytime surveillance and motion-activated camera systems record any out-of-hours movements, with remote real-time monitoring.

Red Care

The sophisticated Red Care Alarm System, specified by all leading insurers is installed and links directly to a control centre to ensure the fastest-possible police response should an incident occur.

“At Teamsters we believe our comprehensive integrated security systems provide a powerful deterrent to unwanted visitors”.

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Trust us to deliver on time

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We track all our deliveries using vehicle tracking equipment. We can see our vehicles from depot to RDC, reporting to our customers, giving transparency of all our operations.
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