Container De-stuffing

We can palletise, re-label and barcode goods to the client’s specification facilitating easy transfer to the ongoing supply chain.
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Picking & Packing

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Teamsters offers a full worldwide pick and pack services for products as diverse as music cd’s to car components. We are equally comfortable with small single pick items, complicated multi-pick and palletized items. Our system can also cope with full product customizing and reworking of products.

All goods entering our warehouse system are scanned and our WMS management system is updated on a real-time basis. Pick requests can be sent via e-mail or as a preference login to our WMS system.

Picking is facilitated using scanners to ensure accuracy and real time inventory control and customers are invited to login to our WMS and view remotely via the Internet.

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Our clients come from a variety of industry sectors ranging from beauty products to aerospace parts. We deliver and provide a seamless supply chain.
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